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Surrey Kids Martial Arts

The owner Kabir is so inspiring. He not only cares about his business but also with what he does. I went to watch my friend's little boy train and it was so cute to see how the staff treated them. The staff's skills are also spectacular. I am blown away.

Laura M.

Surrey Kids Martial Arts

Kaboom is Awesome! The coaches and staff are all amazing. They genuinely care about each student's journey on the mats. The coaches are all amazing athletes for the kids to look up to. Very happy that we have found Kaboom!

Jennifer K.

Surrey Kids Martial Arts

My 8 & 5 yo started jujitsu here a few weeks ago and were initially afraid, but have become quickly excited to go! Great way for boys and girls to blow off some steam after school!!

Natalie C.

Surrey Kids Martial Arts

Kaboom is amazing!! The staff are kind, friendly & welcome everyone with open arms. My husband originally heard about Kaboom when we shop at the Save On Foods across the street from their old location. He had mentioned that we should try it. My son finally decided he wanted to do a martial art of some sort & we chose Kaboom!! My son has been attending for 6+ months & absolutely loves it. His grades have really improved since starting jiu-jitsu. His behaviour has improved a bit as well. My husband & daughter have both joined as well!! Thank you to all the staff at Kaboom for being so amazing & making my family feel welcome! If you're looking for a great place to learn jiu-jitsu, Kaboom is the place to be!!!

Aly M.

Surrey Kids Martial Arts

I can't say enough positive and awesome things about Kaboom and the coaches, my boys have excelled, love going, and their confidence has changed in leaps and bounds.

Angie J.

Surrey Kids Martial Arts

Ive been bringing my son Adam since January and I can honestly say i have seen a big change in him. After bring my daughter to watch My son, she was hooked too. And now she is a member too. The coaches are top notch in my books and super friendly but most of all so respectful of anyone and everyone. I’ve enjoyed going every day after work and I like everyone, so much so I’ve decided that I too will be joining as well. I’m not going to lie, I bit worried but suuuuupppppeeerrrr pumped about it. It has been alooong time since I’ve done martial arts but why not!! Great people make more great people!!! Keep up the good work, You guys are killin it.

Mitchell B.

Surrey Kids Martial Arts

I love everything about Kaboom--the facility, the schedule, the people, the atmosphere, the class setup, and curriculum and everything they stand for --it's all great and makes me feel proud we are part of the Kaboom family! Our son is very shy and was scared to interact with other kids his age so one of the reasons we enrolled him in martial arts was to help boost his confidence. It took a long time for him to adjust and get comfortable to the new surroundings but thankfully with Kaboom's 6-week trial offer it gave us enough time to give him a chance to see if he really liked it. The coaches are nothing short of amazing!! They were so encouraging and patient during his rough start. They really helped him get comfortable and they continue to motivate him so he wants to be better. It's so awesome to see how he's blossomed and grown over the last 6 months with the help of everyone at Kaboom!

Vanessa L.

Jaxson and Brady started in January, and are enjoying the program! A couple of months ago my husband also started, and he's having a great time. Amazing instructors, and a sense of family when you are there. As a mom who isn't participating, I still enjoy being there because of the friendly environment of all the instructors, and parents and students create. I'd definitely recommend them.

Sayaka N.

Surrey Kids Martial Arts

My son and I have been training at kaboom for a few months now, the coaches are amazing with kids and adults. Everyone is super welcoming the minute you walk through the door.

Steve M.

My youngest son who’s 5 joined kaboom a few months ago. The coaches have been so good, perfect in my eyes. They aren’t too lenient and make it clear what the instructions are but are soft where it needs to be without allowing the kids to run the show they make it known how to be respectful and follow directions which I love! I’m in a way strict with parenting especially when it comes to respect and following directions so it’s excellent to have it continued if not teaching more at kaboom in different ways. The classes are great, easy enough to follow for my son, some he needs to practice which is good for him to know he needs to work to get it. Everybody is so great and always greets you and now my oldest son wants to join and loves watching and cheering his brother on when he’s sparing on Friday’s. I’m very happy with everything. There has even been small improvements at school. My youngest can get frustrated easily as he wants to be “first” or do things “his way” and he seems to be getting better at school with those things. Little improvements but little is excellent compared to none and to think it’s only been a few months, little is huge for a few months on kaboom! I was hospitalized then right after my youngest was sick then my husband. Everyone got sick and my youngest missed his testing and the retesting day as well. Kaboom has been nothing but understanding and accommodating to this situation. Thank you kaboom and to all the coaches!

Alicia M.

Surrey Kids Martial Arts

This is the first and only martial arts centre that focuses on the spreading of knowledge and betterment of their practitioners. Most places I've been to (and I've been to many) are all about the contracts and are very much money hungry. Kaboom has a magical quality that just works with the kids. Their instructors are 1st class and so many parents believe in them that their classes are full and they are breeding the next generation of solid human beings. I take the adult classes myself and I cannot speak more highly of the facility and the instructional staff there. They are patient, wise and very good looking! :) We are all lucky to have Kaboom in our community!

Khian L.

This is such a welcoming academy, filled with wonderful people that made me feel like I was part of a community from the moment I walked through the doors. I love the class format for BJJ 101. It offers a solid foundation in fundamental movements and theory to beginners before advancing to free rolling/sparring. The new gym is laid out really nicely, with private changing cubicles and plenty of seating to watch classes in progress. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help every student experience how exciting and rewarding this martial art can be. I recently came here to start bjj again after taking more than a year off from training. It took me a while to work up the courage to start from scratch, but after such a warm welcome, I'm kicking myself for not visiting the Kaboom family sooner!

Keri P.

Surrey Kids Martial Arts

My son Caden has been attending classes at Kaboom for about 2 months. He's 7. It was recommended by friends who have kids that also attend. It took a while to get in due to the days we wanted but they were upfront with that in our first phone call and offered alternative days as an option to get in sooner. The coaches are great with the kids and the people are fantastic. It's always a great atmosphere. The change in my son has been amazing. He is showing strengths that he didn't have before. He did his first stripe testing and said that at first he was scared and nervous but once he started, he felt very confident. Confidence has been a struggle for him so we were ecstatic to hear that from him. He loves going to classes and he even did a BJJ demonstration with his friend at his school talent show! It's so easy for him to fit in and when he walks in the door he is welcomed and he just loves it. It's a great school and I highly recommend it.

Ian W.

I signed up my 3 kids with a 6-week package and after the first day they were hooked. They absolutely love Kaboom, coach Kabir and his team are the best. Every class consist of learning technique, discipline, fitness and having fun. I have seen a huge difference in my kids, they are more confident, outgoing and focused. My daughter hated PE in school but now she enjoys it thanks to Kaboom. After watching my kids for 6 months I decided to try it out and I was also hooked after the first class. I only have positive things to say about the coaches, teaching and atmosphere. I highly recommend Kaboom for any child or adult looking for a positive martial arts experience.

Walter F.

Surrey Kids Martial Arts

Everyone here is so nice! The coaches are all really great people and make their best efforts to help. It’s so full of support and the classes are great!

Yasmeen M.

Surrey Kids Martial Arts

Highly recommend this place. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and very good with the kids. Very impressed they managed to memorize all those kids names in a short period of time. Keep up the good work.

Lucas P.

Surrey Kids Martial Arts

Kaboom is amazing! My daughter has been going here for a year and it has completely changed her confidence in herself. The coaches are the best, it's like a big family.

Melanie M.

Surrey Kids Martial Arts

I've trained continuously in Martial Arts since my early teens, now only months away from 40 I have found Kaboom. Truly the embodiment of what I believe a Martial arts community to be. With excellent instruction that fosters a welcoming and productive atmosphere, I've been able to build a fellowship here with my fellow students that I've never been able to elsewhere. Truly a great place to train and grow.

Paul P.

Surrey Kids Martial Arts

The coaches at Kaboom have created an amazingly inclusive and supportive environment for every child that walks into their gym. They know every students' name and they help each student become the best version of themselves. A true representation of what being a martial artist means.

Lisa A.

Surrey Kids Martial Arts

The kaboom team is amazing! They are supportive, caring and motivational! My boyfriend has had such an amazing experience and speaks so highly of the coaches and the team; I am greatly looking forward to starting jiu jitsu myself!

Jessica M.

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